Knoepfler Blog Stem Cell Awards 2012: Real prizes, nominate your favorites!

Last year, for the second year in a row, I handed out awards to the top players in the stem cell universe. There were the Knoepfler Lab 2011 Stem Cell Awards.

Roman Reed Keri Kimler Paul Knoepfler

If you read that post you can see the full spectrum of the awardees, which included Matt Bohrs for stem cell political cartoon of the year, and a tie for stem cell blog of year for Stem Cell Network of Canada and Stem Cell Assays by Drs. Gunn and Bersenev. Stem cell activist of the year was Roman Reed, pictured at left with me in my lab and another stem cell dynamo, Keri Kimler.

Back in 2010, I started the ball rolling with my stem cell awards. One of my awards was for Stem Cell Good Guy of the Year, which went to Bernie Siegel of GPI and The Stem Cell Action Network. Bernie is also the organizer of the annual World Stem Cell Summit meeting, which is frankly just downright awesome. The blog of the year award for 2010 went to the CIRM Research Blog by Amy Adams.

I’m going to announce the 2012 stem cell winners in December of this year, but I want to encourage people to nominate those folks that they think are deserving.

Via my science and this blog, I am pretty well plugged into the stem cell world, but I am the first to admit I don’t know everyone and I certainly have a lot to learn still so I’d value your nominations for people and organizations for specific awards.

I haven’t figured out what exactly yet, but this year’s awardees will win actual prizes. Yes, prizes that are actually worth something. So stay tuned and nominate away either via the comments here or by emailing me (see contact us at the top of the blog).