CIRM Ethics & Regulatory Steps: highly responsive to IOM

CIRM bioethicsCIRM has indicated that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended that CIRM provide funding for training and research on ethics and regulatory issues.

In response to this recommendation and with the perspectives of various “CIRM funded researchers and other experts”, CIRM has responded with a new ethics & regulatory recommendation document.

I have read it and am a big fan of this step by CIRM.

The document outlines a number of key areas for consideration and important questions.

The overall response to the IOM in this area is summarize as follows:

Management would establish initiatives on ethical and regulatory issues that relate to human subjects research.

What does this mean practically speaking?

My impression is that CIRM will in the near future support initiatives in the area of ethics and regulatory issues related to stem cell treatments. I think this is a very important, responsive development by CIRM.

At the end of the document (shown at the top of this post) they have a neat graphic visually conveying how CIRM will promote activities related to bioethics.

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