Polling: ISSCR 2013 meeting clearly better than last year’s

In 2012 there was a lot of grumbling about that year’s Annual ISSCR Meeting in Japan.

If fact in last year’s polling only about 33% of people collectively felt positive about the meeting and by the far the top answer for rating the 2012 ISSCR Annual Meeting was “So so” at 43%.

What about this year’s 2013 Annual ISSCR meeting in Boston? I wondered what attendees thought so I did a couple polls. You can see the results below.

ISSCR 2013 Meeting PollOverall, it seems that people felt way more positive about this year’s ISSCR meeting versus the 2012 meeting with positive votes collectively outnumbering negatives almost 5-1.

The overall rating of ISSCR 2013 (not relative to 2012) was, however, not quite as enthusiastic as the relative rating.

Still, it was positive.

The top answer in this second poll was “Very Positive” at 28% so that’s a good sign and coming in at second was “Positive”.

Only 27% collectively called the meeting “disappointing” to varying degrees, although 14% more said “so-so”, which I figured was sort of a luke warm sentiment. And, yes, I should have made the potential answers the same in the 2012 and 2013 polling for a better comparison.

The bottom line is that ISSCR can chalk up the 2013 meeting as a success, but there’s some room for improvement.

Please let us know in the comments what you liked or didn’t like more specifically and how you’d like to see the meeting improved.