Grad student Gonçalo Rodrigues Wins Free Registration to WAFSF Stem Cell Meeting

I put out a call for a flash contest for people to win free registrations to the great stem cell meeting, WAFSF, starting tomorrow in SFO (see meeting info here).Goncalo Rodrigues Picture

The winner is Gonçalo Rodrigues (pictured at right) of UC Berkeley, a visiting Ph.D. student from Portugal.

Here’s what he told me as the reason why he wanted to attend:

“For me, a Portuguese visiting Berkeley, it would be like a struggling off off Broadway actor getting the chance to go to the Oscars. Answers, from all clinical translation experts, to questions related to cell purification and enrichment before transplantation would be immensely valuable to my PhD in downstream.”

I hope you enjoy the meeting, Gonçalo, and maybe I’ll see you there talking to Dr. Yamanaka or other great stem cell scientists. Way to go!