More on alleged stem cell clinic fraud: statement from David Audley

This week the big Winnipeg Free Press story on the Regenetek/Doug Broeska alleged stem cell fraud case broke (covered here on this blog). David Audley was quoted in the story as a Regenetek spokesperson so I asked him for further comment and below is what he emailed me for this post.

David Audley:

“1. GoodPartners is a consultant to Regenetek, not a partner. We were engaged in December to provide a review of their existing protocol in anticipation of a submission of their study to a US IRB for review. To date, and to my knowledge, this study has not been presented to an American IRB. I certainly have not submitted it, and we were still in process of review of the existing study and protocol when this news story broke. I cannot speak to the process for the initial submission of this protocol as I was not involved with the company.

2. I was asked by Regenetek to speak to WFP on this topic and serve as the press contact for this topic only. We had no dealings with the company in the development or the submission of the protocol for the Indian study, nor did we have any role in the submission of the protocol to the Indian IRB at Pune.

3. As a contractor, I have no information about Doug Broeska’s academic credentials, and cannot speak to this issue.

4. I have no involvement what so ever, now or in the past, in the India-based treatments, the recruitment or treatment of patients, or the therapy provided in Pune.”