In Sex As Genetic Modification Poll, Divide but Lean to “Yes”

sex GM pollWith nearly 200 votes in, our poll on whether sex should be considered a form of genetic modification reflects a big divide.

The two most polar answers of “definitely yes” and “definitely not” are almost equal, but “yes” is a bit ahead.

In the “probably” category of responses, the “yes” answers lead over “not” by a 2:1 margin.

Thus, while overall there isn’t a clear consensus, the respondents definitely leaned toward “yes”.

It is striking that only about 6% of respondents were undecided as reflected by an “on the fence” response. People have solid opinions on this question.

When I looked at the responses by country, one stood out as notable. The UK was the only nation to buck the overall trend with its respondents strongly of the opinion that sexual reproduction is not a form of genetic modification.

Note that this Internet poll is not scientific and would require larger numbers to be conclusive, but is nonetheless interest for the trends that are evident. Some countries recorded very few votes or even only one vote.