New NgAgo protocol: helpful or more of a red flag?

The supposed new gene editing technology NgAgo has had the scissors taken to it with basically no one able to get it to work conclusively and now the professor who led the work, Chunyu Han, has posted a new NgAgo protocol on the Addgene website.

The new NgAgo protocol is really more of an abbreviated methods description with just a few new hints at getting it to work such as testing your cells for mycoplasma.

The protocol has been met with skepticism on Twitter (see above and below).

Chunyu Han NgAgoIf NgAgo works at all as reported in that paper as a nuclease that can be utilized for gene editing then my sense at the moment is that it’s got some very finicky things about it that will most likely negate it being widely useful for the field. It’s still possible it functions as some other kind of enzyme. Who knows at this point.