October 28, 2020

The Niche

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There is a lot of talk about cloning celebrities so could we be seeing John Lennon again in the form of a clone? If a Canadian dentist named Michael Zuk has his way, the late Beatle may be back. In his quest to get back Lennon, Zuk reportedly purchased an old molar that once had its home in Lennon’s mouth even as he sang all those famous Beatles’ tunes. At least this is according to the rock solid bastion of media factuality, The NY …Read More

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People have been confused about human cloning issues in the last few weeks on a number of levels. The confusion has come along with the excitement, concern, and increased interest in cloning lately since the lab of Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov reported a few weeks back in Cell the astonishing feat of successful human embryonic stem cell cloning by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), a watershed moment for the stem cell field. One area that people seemed confused about is just who is in favor …Read More

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Occasionally I call out a particularly important comment by a reader on a major issue and today it is commenter Natalie DeWitt (see my earlier interview with her about her experiences at Nature’s The Niche) who has contributed a particularly insightful, knowledgable comment on my recent perspective piece the Cell cloning paper mishap. Many in the stem cell field and beyond have been unsure how to take the news of the problems with the Mitalipov cloning paper in Cell. Are these issues a big deal …Read More

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Is it really deja vu all over again with allegations of potential wrongdoing in a paper on human cloning? “Say it isn’t so!”, is basically the universal reaction I’m getting from people in the stem cell field. Well, sadly it seems to be so folks. What’s going on? Allegations have emerged on a website called PubPeer (a post-publication review kind of website) about the recent Cell paper by the Mitalipov lab on human therapeutic cloning. A person called “Peer 1” has pointed out alleged …Read More