January 25, 2021

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Fraud allegations

4 min read

Who is Doug Broeska and what is Regenetek a Canadian stem cell company doing that is drawing attention of authorities? The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that Regenetek faces serious charges related to for-profit stem cell therapies. (Update: a followup story in the Free Press has been published). A very thorough article in the newspaper by Melissa Martin and Mary Agnes Welch reports that a “researcher” at the company named Doug Broeska (picture above from LinkedIn) who ran a stem cell trial for Multiple Sclerosis …Read More

3 min read

Fox News reports (and the Las Vegas Review-Journal too) that convicted stem cell fraud Alfred Sapse (see more on him & this case here and here) has been sentenced to 17 years in federal prison and ordered to pay more than $1 million in restitution. Sapse along with pediatrician Ralph Conti (see image above from the Review-Journal) were convicted late last year for a stem cell scheme that preyed upon vulnerable patients. Conti, 51, died before being sentenced late last year, but Sapse was placed immediately …Read More

5 min read

“I lied to patients,” testified a weeping, young woman in court related to a fraud allegation involving stem cells. She had worked as an office assistant at a company that injected bogus and potentially dangerous cow-based “stem cell” treatments into human patients. This company, which in different incarnations went by various names including Biomark in the U.S., was at the center of a dramatic global case of alleged stem cell fraud and criminal misconduct. The Biomark case swept across the globe including the U.S., …Read More

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For the first time to my knowledge, patients have sued a dubious stem cell clinic (RNL Bio) for fraud. As one stem cell expert has put it (see below), now there is “blood in the water”. RNL Bio of Korea has reportedly (hat tip to Leigh Turner) just been sued for fraud by patients related to stem cell treatments it allegedly gave them. RNL Bio has both international operations, but notably also runs the Celltex stem cell clinic in Texas. The court documents on the case run …Read More

2 min read

Last night 60 Minutes broadcasted ( you can watch the episode here) a long awaited 2nd segment in their continuing investigation of stem cell fraud. The first segment investigating phony doctors Stowe and Morales led to their ultimate pursuit by the FBI and indictment, aired in a couple years ago. The new episode on stem cells reported by Scott Pelley was highly unusual in that it included a sting style portion of a surprise hidden camera interview ( you can learn more about the …Read More