January 23, 2021

The Niche

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The White House seems to be getting more active on genetics in the last six months. It’s refreshing to see them actually talking about real, important science. My feeling has been that up until now they’ve been giving too little attention to science so even if you may disagree with some aspects of what they are saying, at least they are more engaged. White House Precision Medicine Genetics Initiative (see photo above from WSJ, Obama with student Elana Simon, who was honored previously by …Read More

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At a genetic level, just how much do each of us human beings vary from each other in our total genome sequence? The number I was taught in Genetics at some point was that the genomes of any two human beings are likely to be 99.9% identical. So only about 1 out of 1,000 bp would be different. That still amounts to millions of bp differences, but are perhaps most are not functionally significant? How do you feel about that 99.9% figure? In talking with some …Read More

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What’s the deal with this week’s FDA Warning Letter to 23andMe? First some background. I’m a researcher who studies stem and cancer cell genomics and epigenomics. I’m also a human being who has battled prostate cancer and is curious about my genome. With this background, I decided some time ago to take the plunge and experience what 23andMe has to offer in the way of personal genomics analysis. I thought of it as an experiment. I contacted them with my interest and background. We agreed to …Read More