October 24, 2020

The Niche

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4 min read

We have another Vatican stem cell meeting coming up this spring. This meeting raises some extremely important questions and complex issues at the interface of science, religion, philosophy and ethics. From the perspective of scientists, an important issue is whether (assuming one is invited) to attend such a meeting and if one does attend, is that action alone making a statement? If big-name scientists attend this meeting are they tacitly giving approval to the Vatican’s extreme stance on stem cells by attending? Or is …Read More

3 min read

In mid-November the Catholic Church, in fact the Vatican itself, will do something it has never done before in its very long existence. It will hold a conference on stem cells. Perhaps equally unusual and of interest is the fact that the basis for this conference is a $1 million (USD) gamble by the Vatican on a super high-risk biotech company, NeoStem, in support of adult stem cell research. While the Vatican reportedly does not hold actual NeoStem shares, the fact that NeoStem’s stock …Read More