January 15, 2021

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stem cell tourism

2 min read

For a long time many of us in the stem cell field have been worried about dubious stem cell treatments, so-called ‘stem cell tourism’.  How do we stop it or at least fight back to keep people safe and help them avoid losing what is often their life savings? Many activities related to stem cell tourism occur right here in the U.S. and almost entirely or entirely involve adult stem cells. Interestingly it is often the folks who are most opposed to embryonic stem …Read More

2 min read

Stem Cell Tourism is a blanket term now used to refer to patients receiving non-FDA approved stem cell treatments either by traveling here within the U.S. or more often outside the U.S. Clinics are sprouting up all over the world offering treatments based on stem cells. The science behind these is often non-existent. Most stem cell scientists are very worried about this situation. But as both a stem cell scientist and also a cancer survivor, I am very sensitive to the situation of patients …Read More