January 27, 2021

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I’ve been asked many times over the years if stem cell injections at for-profit clinics can help brain function, but recently the more common query is whether brain supplements such as Prevagen actually work. I’m skeptical of both unproven stem cell injections and supplements that are supposed to somehow help the brain, but some of us have stem cells on the brain and I guess others have jellyfish on the brain. Marketing of brain supplements like Prevagen If you ever turned on your TV …Read More

5 min read

I thought I’d take a look again into the world of stem cell supplements since it’s been a few years. What I found now in 2020 wasn’t a pretty picture. This post has several sections so feel free to jump to sections below. What’s in this article Supplements in general   |   Stem cell supplements claims    |   Supplement ads and products    |   Stem-Kine    |   Regenexx Supplements    |   Big picture take-home Note that “supplements” here refer to things people can ingest to …Read More