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Job Openings 2013 for stem cells.

Are you a grad student wrapping up your PhD in the next year or so? Have publications in real journals? Love science? Contact me. Paul (aka the guy who runs this blog).

CIRM Jobs can be found here!

Kallos Lab Open Graduate and Postdoctoral Positions РStem Cell Bioengineering 


Scientists seeking stem cell-related jobs in 2013.




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9 thoughts on “Stem Cell Jobs”

  1. Dr. Mohammad Rayees Dar

    Good afternoon Sir,
    My name is Dr Mohammad Rayees Dar from India. I am a veterinarian. I have completed my PhD recently. I have worked on stem cell and nano particles during my research. Now I am looking for post doc position in stem cell area. So, kindly help me to get this position.

  2. Hellow dear Dr. Koepfler
    My name is Sare Etemad . I am from Iran .
    I am a pathology resident . I love stem cells but I like to work in clinical field and stem cell therapy . I love to be with patients and spending my life for treatment of patients with stem cells . How can I ediucate in this field ?

  3. Dr. Pratima Basak

    Hello Dr. Knoepfler,

    I have a PhD background in Hematopoietic stem cells and Leukemia. Presently I am PostDoc in University of Manitoba. Here I have multiple projects which I lead and report to my collaboratiung suprevisors. I m presently working with Mammary epithelial stem cells , Breast cancer, Role of long non coding RNA and Estrogen regulation. In other part I am working with Tumnor supressor genes and there biological relevance with MMTV Nic induced mammary tumorogenesis. Please let me know with any openings in your lab. I am flexible to learn new arena and work with you.
    Thanks and kind Regards,

  4. Hello Dr. Knoepfler,

    I will be finishing up my PhD in pluripotent stem cell bioengineering around March 2014.I am interested in pursuing a Post Doc in a similar field. I was wondering if you have any opening in related field.

    looking forward to your kind reply.



  5. Dear Prof. Knoepfler,
    My name is Napat Tandikul and I graduated bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Now, I’m working as a research assistant under supervision of Dr.weerapong Prasongchean who is the founder of stem cell and regenerative pharmacy research group, Chulalongkorn University. I’m also a writer of Chat Wit magazine, a scientific e-magazine in Thai. I’m interested in stem cell and developmental biology and I have skill in cell culture, in vivo study and immunocytochemistry technique. I have a plan to apply for PhD program in stem cell next year and I really want to share my experience and my interest with your research team. I’m also interested in the SCOPE program, I believe that it’s going to be a good source of knowledge about stem cell for all Thai. In particular, for my mentor’s program, STEMkids, which aim to put stem cell in curriculum for Thai students.
    Please reply me if there is any oppportunity
    Napat Tandikul

  6. Sompob Cholsiripunlert

    Dear Dr. Knoepfler,
    My name is Sompob Cholsiripunlert and I recently graduated from a CIRM funded Master Program in Stem Cell Biology from San Francisco State University. I did my thesis work in Dr. Harold Bernstein lab at UCSF. I would really like to put my experience to help further research in the stem cell field and to gain more skills as a research scientist, as well. Please reply if there is opportunity in your lab.

    Sompob Cholsiripunlert

  7. Farooq I Mohammad

    Dear Professor
    My name is Dr Farooq I Mohammad from Iraq working in cell culture and stem cell research looking for postdoc in stem cell field and thank you
    Farooq, Iraq

  8. Hi Professor Knoepfler,

    My name is Jamie Herrera. I have followed your website for some time; about since my graduation from UCD in ’08. As a genetics major and amateur science lover, I used to audit your classes as well. I am extremely interested in your opinion and research. Although I have been intimidated by the lack of funding for research, I have decided I would like to apply for a graduate program [hopefully at Davis]. I am writing to express my interest in volunteer work just for the experience. I have developed writing and editing skills but I have only lab-class experience in the lab and would greatly appreciate any opportunity just to be involved. Please let me know if you or any colleagues might like to have the help from someone ambitious and dedicated.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,


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