Your stem cell legal documents hub

Below are links to specific court documents and filings in stem cell-related legal proceedings. (I’ve also placed in parentheses links to my posts/analysis on these). 

Enjoy, especially you lawyers and investors. It’s a work in progress so expect more cases and documents to appear. In fact, if you have suggested additions please add them (plus links if possible) to the comments or email me. Thanks.


For keeping up on FDA actions

Warning letters (recent)

Electronic reading room (e.g. biologics recent 483s)

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21


Specific Cases


FDA Warning Letter

Celltex response

2012, FDA 483 Form (separate analysis)

FDA Warning Letter to IRB provider, Texas Applied Biomedical Services

Celltex filing against RNL

Judge restraining order (separate analysis)

Suit brought by former employee (separate blog post)



Court official ruling document on Cytori loss on appeal regarding stem cell devices


Feminists Choosing Life of N.Y., Inc. v Empire State Stem Cell Bd. (ESSCB)

NY Court records



Warning Letter (separate analysis)


Ralph Conti & Alfred Sapse

FDA Warning Letter 2006 to Conti

Charges against Conti and Sapse

USDOJ PR on Convictions (separate analysis)

Conti Death News Article


Regenerative Sciences, Inc. (RSI)

RSI Untitled FDA Letter

US vs RSI 2012 Permanent Injunction (separate analysis)

US vs RSI 2012 Memorandum Opinion


RNL Bio/Human Biostar Inc.

Fraud Lawsuit Against RNL by Patients

RNL/Human Biostar Inc filing against Celltex (analysis)


Sherley v Sebelius

August 24 Decision by DC Court of Appeals (separate analysis)


Stephen van Rooyen and Laura Brown

2006 US Federal Indictment

Court testimony (blog post)

Newspaper article on them fleeing US as fugitives

Laura Brown’s death 


Steven Victor (aka “Dr. Lookgood”)

Warning Letter (analysis)


Thomas E. Young (Young Medical Spa)

Warning Letter (analysis)


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