January 21, 2021

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Grading stem cell blogs: what is the best in the world?

We have posted before about how anti-stem cell folks seem to be uniquely talented and/or motivated to get their gospel out there, particularly when it comes to the Internet.

According to Google search results, some of the top hits for “stem cell blog” are sites that are extremely anti-stem cell research and have little in the way of original content. These sites score highly according to Google, but is a basic Google search really the best judge of a website’s value or a blog’s quality?

It turns out that there are some arguably more helpful tools for evaluating sites and blogs including Website grader and Blog grader. These tools use what appear to be more meaningful criteria for evaluating sites and they breakdown the criteria in a very clear way.

They also allow for comparing different websites.

So I took www.ipscell.com and plugged it into Website grader along with some of the top competing stem cell blogs (according to Google and my own opinion). See results above.

For all the criteria the higher the number the better, except for traffic, where the lower the better.

The website, repairstemcell, that Google has for a long time consistently ranked #1 in its search results, did not fare so well.  Its Moz rank on a scale from 1-10 (where higher is better) was 1, the worst, while its grade specifically as a blog was just 23 out of a 100.  So why does repairstemcell rank #1 in Google searches for “stem cell blog”?

One of my favorite sites, stemcellnetwork.ca got the highest overall Website grade of 95 and the best Moz grade of 5 (out of 10), while we were a close second at 91 and with a 4 out of 10.

In terms of specific blog grade, we here at www.ipscell.com did well with a 92.

As a test, we included one site twice separately, the California Stem Cell Report, and it got the exact same scores. This site, which has the most up to date information on CIRM, had the highest traffic rank (lowest number) meaning it has the most visitors. Way to go, David.

So what is the best stem cell blog?  I would argue it is the one that you personally like the best and that you find yourself repeatedly reading day-in and day-out.  It all depends on the reader.

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