No longer lost in translation: stem cells in 9 languages and counting

Just an update on our educational outreach program, SCOPE, where we are providing key information about stem cells in as many languages as possible.

If you look at the various pages at the top of this website, you will see “What are stem cells?” in many different languages.

In fact, we are now up to 9 languages (Russian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Farsi) covering a large fraction of the globe. If you click on any of them, you can read about stem cells in that particular language. These pages have already gotten a lot of visits from around the globe so I’m very excited about the potential high impact of this effort.

We will continue to add more languages via our dedicated team of scientist translators, who so far are acting as volunteers.

Thanks to them and to you who are reading this for passing on the word about this important program.