Poll on iPS cell method

You can pick more than one.


  1. The poll won’t let me pick more than one (not that I need to. just fyi.)

    For anyone who picks ‘other’, I’d love to hear what kind of other. 🙂

  2. Yamanaka+Nanog. Get a handful of true colonies consistently.

    Tried mRNA way as a collaboration and it completely failed. No one I have heard of has EVER produced a single real IPSC colony with mRNA.

  3. Sorry, Bonnie–I just tried it and it allowed me to make two picks and the settings for the poll are clearly set to allow more than one answer.

  4. I tried to pick more then one, and it did not allow additional picks for me either.
    I was one of the “other” categories, we use Thomson factors plus IGFII and bFGF on matrigel (feeder free conditions). It works well…

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