October 25, 2020

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Who is the Einstein or Steve Jobs of the stem cell field?

At this week’s World Stem Cell Summit, during one of the panel discussion I was on a member of the audience asked a great question.

In terms of making a broader impact on politics, who out there in the stem cell field might be the Einstein of the stem cell field? Who has the gravitas to write a letter like Einstein did along with fellow physicists Szilard and Eugene Wigner to argue to Roosevelt about the need for a U.S. atomic program?

My answer was that the stem cell field has quite a few leaders, but that I didn’t see any single person who was at the rock star level of Einstein that the public knows very well. There are many amazing leaders in the stem cell field.

With Steve Jobs passing away, which is a very sad occasion,  I also got to thinking is their a leader in the stem cell field who has the creative genius of Jobs combined with his ability to turn things into practical, ingenious products.

I’d be curious of your opinions! Are these leaders out there?

Of course one fundamental difference betweens stem cell science and computer or physics is that our products have to go through FDA approval before they can be sold. I don’t think anyone can make some revolutionary stem cell product in their parents garage like Jobs did.


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