Check out new blog about stem cells by Keri Kimler

I highly recommend that you guys check out the new blog by my friend, Keri Kimler.

Keri is an awesome resource about stem cell research and her blog is not surprisingly, a wonderful source of information too.

You can see Keri in this video from the World Stem Cell Summit:

Keri is Vice Chair of Texans for Stem Cell Research. Her blog not only has great info on stem cell research in the State of Texas, a burgeoning superstar in the stem cell world, but also around the U.S. and the Globe.

Her site is

Go pay a visit and let Keri know your thoughts on her site. I have added to my list of links for a good reason!

1 thought on “Check out new blog about stem cells by Keri Kimler”

  1. Doesn’t look like a typical blog to me. More like a portal which collects all useful info published somewhere else. I was trying to find an opinions, analytics or any kind of original content. Maybe I missed something and you can point to it.

    I’m trying to say that we are (stem cell research / cell therapy community) lacking of blogs with original content. Blogs with deep and critical analysis and opinions. There are few good portals with valid info for patients and lay public. But almost nothing made by professionals for professionals.

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