January 23, 2021

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Picnic Day: A celebration of what makes UC Davis awesome!

I love Picnic Day.

Picnic Day is a celebration of everything about UC Davis, all of our fun and all of what makes UC Davis such a cool, unique place.

A big part of Picnic Day is the Cal Aggie Band or Band-uh.

One of my daughters and I were out for a walk tonight with our dog and heard the Band playing.

We’ve heard them every year on the Friday night before Picnic Day (which is always on Saturday) for years and always thought they were somewhere on campus practicing, but tonight they seemed close so we followed our ears and found ourselves and a massive Aggie Band block party.

It’s kind of dark (sorry), but here is a video I took of one of the songs they played. Wow this was so cool and fun! A lasting memory for my daughter and me!

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