Vote in our poll for your favorite stem cell journal

The stem cell research field is hot.

It has been a sexy field for a long time, only made the sexier by the discovery of iPS cells in 2006.

Not surprisingly, the number of publications on stem cells is increasing and there is an ever-increasing number of journals devoted specifically to stem cells.

Interest in these journals is extremely high, but many scientists wonder if the presence of so many stem cell journals is a good or bad thing.

What’s the scoop on all these journals?

First, let’s take a poll.

What is the top journal to find the most exciting, best stem cell research?

Please answer in the poll above. Later this week I will provide some analysis of the poll results and my thoughts on the top stem cell journals.


1 thought on “Vote in our poll for your favorite stem cell journal”

  1. Best stem cell research published in Cell Stem Cell for now. But the best journal to publish stem cell research is PLoS ONE, because it’s only one “open science” journal from the list. All other journals still live in 20th century and holding progress back by restrictive “closed access”. This is a shame in the era of internet and new trends in scientific publishing.

    One more promising stem cell journal is Stem Cell Translational Medicine.
    Very good one. Recommended.

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