January 22, 2021

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Romney-Ryan ticket terrible twosome for patients & science in America

UPDATE: A new website here in depth on Paul Ryan’s views and votes on stem cells.
Paul Ryan Mitt Romney

The Romney:Ryan ticket is nothing but potential trouble for American science and patients.

Should they win, they pose a serious threat to American science funding as well as for Medicare.

Instilling great confidence in his own competence, Romney totally flubbed today’s introduction of Ryan as well, but announcing Ryan as “The Next President of the United States!” Oops, he meant VP as he later corrected. See YouTube video below. Astounding Freudian slip or simple incompetence? Nerves?

What is Ryan’s scorecard like? Terrible.

Against Medicare.

Voted against funding for birth control.

Has not been a good supporter of NIH funding.

The list goes on and on.


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