My collection of funny signs: UFO lemonade & falling coconuts

Be Quiet SignI live in Davis, CA.

Sometimes it seems like Davis is a bubble full of the most colorful assortment of characters.

One day walking my dog Elvis I noticed the sign to the right.

I translated it as “Shh”.

I’ve seen many signs in my days, but never one like this…it seems a little too PC for me.

What’s next “No burping zone”?

Lemonade stand

I also found another neighborhood sign in Davis that made me smile while I was walking Elvis (see at left).

Yep, kids are still selling lemonade and advertising it these days!

Part of why I like this Davis lemonade stand sign so much is the note added at the bottom that the stand is located “By the UFO!” and that’s where it was.


Good old Davis has a UFO in Arroyo Park.

Then I remembered a collection of sigs (see below) that I saw in Hawaii (Big Island) at a covered area in a park. The six signs had given me a chuckle.

Hawaii signsNote that these signs are held up by screws including the sign in the upper right corner that says “no screws”.

Also, doesn’t one have to be present to use something? See sign in the bottom middle column. Are we talking avatars?


I love it.
I also love Hawaii.

To me these signs seem “non-Aloha”.

Also they seem to ascribe to the “do as I say not as I do” philosophy.

Then at another park in Hawaii, I saw the coconut sign at left.

One has to look up to see the sign (about 10 feet off the ground) saying “Beware of falling coconuts”…but what if a coconut is falling right then?