Houston Stem Cell Summit blows it and loses its website?


How the organizers of the Houston Stem Cell Summit made a big flub?

I wrote a few days ago about the big deal upcoming Houston Stem Cell Summit with Guv Perry as headliner and a big group of stem cell clinic folks speaking. There is a sense in the stem cell community that this summit, barring some last minute changes to the agenda to include a greater diversity of speakers, was a real missed opportunity for serious dialogue and healthy debate.

Now, it seems (as yet unconfirmed) the organizers of the meeting may have made a big mistake in not renewing their desirable web domain name, stemcellsummit.com.

You see the webpage of the meeting is gone and replaced by a placeholder (see below), which is often an indication that the owners let a domain name expire and someone had signed up to buy it if it expired.

If true, how embarrassing!

What are the Houston Stem Cell Summit going to do with no website?

Hat tip to two folks who need no naming for the tip on this. They know who they are.Houston Stem Cell Summit


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