January 25, 2021

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Rick Perry on Celltex: I disagree with the FDA

Today was day one of the Houston Stem Cell Summit, at which Guv Rick Perry was a keynote speaker. I thank the organizer for inviting me to attend and I wish I could have, but I’ve spent a good chunk of the day today teaching medical students right here in Sacramento, CA so I could not go.

The meeting got off to an impactful beginning with Perry’s speech (see below).

There are many interests elements to Perry’s speech, but one added part in particular was notable and that was Perry’s first public defense of Texas stem cell clinic, Celltex, which has effectively been frozen at the clinical level by a recent FDA warning letter.

Perry said:

“I disagree with the FDA that the process of what’s going on here in Texas in some of our companies is creating a drug. No more so than bone marrow transplants are not regulated by the FDA or in vitro fertilization is not regulated by them. So my hope here with this conference is that there’s a very good intellectual, open conversation about the future of adult stem cells.”

I respectfully disagree with Perry on the issue of propagated stem cells being a drug and about the FDA.

Perry said a lot more interesting things in his speech that I’ll discuss further tomorrow.

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