January 22, 2021

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‘Making it up as go along’ & ‘take a shot in the dark’ emblematic of mentality of unlicensed stem cell doctors

Shot in the darkThe Vegas trial of Dr. Ralph Conti, accused of dangerous stem cell fraud, is going on and reportedly some of the testimony is astonishing in terms of the attitudes of point-of-care, for profit stem cell clinic disregard for their patients.

The doctor is quoted that in terms of the stem cell treatments of human patients that he and his partner Alfred Sapse were “making it up” as they went along.

Holy cow, that is a scary statement.

Just as bad, Conti also said sometimes you have to “take a shot in the dark”.

This sounds more like reckless gamblers in Vegas or Peter Seller’s Inspector Jacques Clouseau than responsible, trained doctors doing science-based treatments of patients in clinical trials.

Purportedly the patients paid more than a million for the alleged stem cell treatments.

I think these recklessly dangerous attitudes are emblematic more generally of how unlicensed stem cell doctors are gambling with patients’ lives to make themselves a lot of money.

It is my hope that more doctors doing these reckless treatments to try to get rich quick at the expense of patients go to jail.

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