Poll results on stem cell CEO are interesting: MBA is the most important element to respondents

stem cell CEOI’ve been running a poll on what is the ideal background for the CEO of a stem cell company. We got a pretty good turnout in this poll, although one is to be reminded that Internet polls are not scientific. It’s not perfect, but the results (at right) seem quite interesting.

So far, the MBA degree seems to be the most important factor according to respondents. The top 3 results all have an MBA in them.

The number 1 answer by a landslide is a combination of a Ph.D. and MBA, while in second place with about half as many votes was MD plus MBA. Then comes just an MBA.

It is interesting to see how important respondents felt an MBA was and also that having two degrees was important.

Zero votes were cast for a DVM (a vet), an MD, or a lawyer (JD).

It was surprising to me that people were not enthusiastic about MD, Ph.D.s. I had predicted this combo would rank higher.

I also found it notably that almost 10% of respondents checked “other” meaning that have some other background in mind for their ideal CEO. Perhaps there were other options I should have included in the poll.


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