November 27, 2020

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Stem cell journal impact factors: how does your favorite stack up?

There is no doubt about it.

The stem cell field has captured the imagination of people around the world of all occupations.

Scientists themselves are captivated by stem cells. The number of articles on stem cells and the number of journals focused on stem cells are going way up.

What about impact?

Are all of these stem cell journals attaining a decent impact factor?

Impact factor is the number of times that the average article at a given journal is cited based on the notion that more citations translates to more impact (although many people argue that doesn’t translating to better science).

How do stem cell journal impact factors stand up?

2011 Impact factors for some leading stem cell journals (underlined) versus some of science’s favorite biomedical journals would suggest stem cells are doing quite well in terms of impact. Of course some of the most popular broader journals such as Nature and Cell publish many stem cell articles too.

Sources are indicated.

I should also note that the impact factors for some stem cell journals continue to rise.

Nature                           36.280 #

Nature Genetics          35.532 #

Cell                                32.403 *

Science                        31.201 ”

Cancer Cell                  26.566 *

Cell Stem Cell              25.421 *

Genes & Dev                11.659 ’

Stem Cells                     7.781 ^

JBC                                 4.773 a

Stem Cells & Dev          4.459 X

Regenerative Med        3.72 Y

Biochemistry                 3.422 Z