Exciting Being on Upcoming ‘Through the Wormhole’ Stem Cells Episode

Through the WormholeIn the summer of 2013, the producer and crew of the Discovery Channel’s Through the Wormhole filmed two times at my house for a special episode on stem cells.

I think it’s going to be a great show.

The stem cell episode will first air on the Science/Discovery Channel on Feb. 3 (check your local listings for time). Update: on West Coast, Comcast has Science Channel most often as Channel 272. I saw an ad for the stem cell episode saying 10PM (not sure if 10PM also West Coast or 7PM PT) on Feb. 3.

The episode includes me in a segment on cancer stem cells amongst other topics. The filming was a lot of fun, but also quite a bit of hard work. We filmed the first day for a whole day during a heat wave. I have a new appreciation for how challenging it is to put together a TV show. I was really impressed with the producer and the crew.

The show will also feature Stephen Hawking as well as Bob Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology. It’s exciting to be in a show with such illustrious company!

I’m really curious to see how my part and the whole episode turned out.

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  1. Happy to see you able to reach a national audience. The producers could not have made a better choice. Hopefully you remembered to plug the book and website 🙂

    I suppose additional opportunities may arise, what a thrill it must be. Congratulations!

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