January 20, 2021

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TGIF stem cells on the brain: what’s on your mind?

Alan Trounson, the head or brains leading CIRM at one point.
Alan Trounson

I’ve always got stem cells on the brain.

What’s on your mind about stem cells?

There’s a ton going on so what specifically has got your attention? What are you thinking about? What has you excited? Depressed? Angry? Hopeful?

Headlines from the last few weeks:

  • Nuclear transfer ES cells compared to iPS cells
  • Trounson moves from CIRM and joins board of StemCells, Inc. See this striking follow up to this story.
  • STAP cell retractions
  • Angel Di Maria, Stem Cells, and the World Cup
  • Patient gets nose tissue stem cell tumor in spine 8 years after treatment
  • FDA guidelines on adipose tissue (think SVF) expected later this year
  • Other?

If you were sitting in the bar next to your stem cell buddy, what would you two talk about on this Friday TGIF?

Now in 2020, 6 years after I wrote the above post, what stem cell stuff is still on your mind? Is it all new stuff?

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