A quartet of recent cool cell biology papers

Cell biology research never ceases to surprise with its innovations. Here are four recent papers that strike me as interesting.

YAP1 Regulates OCT4 Activity and SOX2 Expression to Facilitate Self-Renewal and Vascular Mimicry of Stem-Like Cells. Stem Cells. Namrata Bora-Singhal, Jonathan Nguyen, Courtney Schaal, Deepak Perumal, Sandeep Singh, Domenico Coppola and Srikumar Chellappan.
Figure 1
High burden and pervasive positive selection of somatic mutations in normal human skin.  Science. Iñigo Martincorena, Amit Roshan, Moritz Gerstung, Peter Ellis, Peter Van Loo, Stuart McLaren, David C. Wedge, Anthony Fullam, Ludmil B. Alexandrov, Jose M. Tubio, Lucy Stebbings, Andrew Menzies, Sara Widaa, Michael R. Stratton, Philip H. Jones2, Peter J. Campbell. Figure 1 above.

DNA Demethylation Dynamics in the Human Prenatal GermlineCell. Sofia Gkountela, Kelvin X. Zhang, Tiasha A. Shafiq, Wen-Wei Liao, Joseph Hargan-Calvopiña, Pao-Yang Chen, Amander T. Clark.

Condensin confers the longitudinal rigidity of chromosomes. Nature Cell Biology. Martin Houlard, Jonathan Godwin, Jean Metson, Jibak Lee, Tatsuya Hirano & Kim Nasmyth.