ISSCR 2015 Stockholm Contests $100 in Prizes

Amazon gift card ISSCR meeting contestI wish I was going to be with all you who are attending the ISSCR Annual Meeting in Stockholm coming up in a week or so, but this year the schedule just doesn’t work.

I’ll try to be there in spirit.

For those of you attending, I do have something fun though and a chance to win some money.

I’m inviting attendees of ISSCR to submit entries in two contests: (1) guest blog posts and (2) pictures or videos from the meeting itself or from Stockholm.

Submit your entries to me by email: For videos, if large file size is an issue you can send me a DropBox or similar link.

The best quest blog post submitted to me will win a $50 Amazon gift card. You can submit more than one as well as long as it is on a different topic. The more interesting, timely and well-written the piece, the more likely it will win.

The top photo or video from the meeting submitted to me will also win a $50 Amazon gift card. I’m strongly encouraging people to submit videos (not taken of ISSCR talks). Such videos could be of scientists discussing stuff over coffee, beer, etc., interviews, videos of Stockholm, etc. Of course anyone in the photo or video needs to give permission for its use.

If I’m wowed by multiple awesome guest blog posts or photos/videos by different people, I may give more than one prize each for blog posts and photos. On the other hand if I don’t get excellent submission, it is possible that no one will win. I hope the latter does not happen.


Anyone can enter. Entries must be submitted before the meeting ends. The more timely the submission (e.g. guest blog post on talk sent to me within 12 hours of the talk) the better your odds.

If you blog about a talk at ISSCR that someone gave please get their permission if you intend to include mentions of unpublished data.

The blog post cannot be more than 300 words. Photos in blog posts are encouraged (you must have taken it yourself/have the copyright or have permission).

For the separate photo/video entries, you must have taken the photo or video yourself/have copyright.

All entries may be posted on this blog and by submitting yours you agree to that. Entries may be edited if they are posted.

I will be the judge of the winner and decisions are final.

The prizes are $50 Amazon gift cards in USD that will be received electronically.