Part 1 @TEDxVienna: Amazing City & People

pastriesStStephenroofI’m on my way back home from Vienna, Austria where I attended TEDxVienna. This was my first time giving a TED talk.

The first day I arrived I had a few hours to wander around the city as a jetlagged zombie of sorts, but a happy one.

Vienna is home to some great food and architecture (see pics of pastries and roof of St. Stephen’s), and wonderful people. More pics to come.

Both the people I just randomly met and those associated with the TEDx event were incredible. Friendly. Helpful. Upbeat. Those specifically involved in TEDxVienna were downright amazing.

This experience was powerful in a number of ways including the TED talks themselves, some of which were the best talks I have ever heard. More on those later this week. As far as I know, the TED talk videos are not yet up on the web.

Vienna also has a special meaning for me because my dad was born there and lived in Vienna until he was 8 years old. It was sort of a second home for him. I guess I am half Viennese myself!


Overall this was a super positive experience for me. You can see the Twitter conversations and get more info @TEDxVienna on Twitter.

Written in the Washington D.C. airport on November 1st.