January 22, 2021

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A stem cell shot in the dark: clinics experiment on patients

Stem cell facelift comicPatients are increasingly being used as guinea pigs in the stem cell for-profit clinic world via what I call stem cell shot-in-the-dark procedures. The clinics have no logical basis for claiming that these treatments work and are safe.

As the number of stem cell clinics continues to grow in the US and more physicians add on unproven stem cell injections into their practices as a la carte options, far more patients are being subjected to risky, even reckless physician conduct.

Some of the clinic doctors that I talk to downplay the risks and tell me that since there haven’t been high-profile stem cell clinic-related lawsuits (at least that are known publicly) in the US that things are fine. This is going to change and inevitably patients are getting harmed by these clinics. There are just too many inexperienced medical personal doing shot-in-the-dark stem cell procedures that are not approved by the FDA. It’s an extremely dangerous situation.

By and large these clinics and the a la carte stem cell interventions sold by individual doctors out of their practices are subject in various ways to oversight by the FDA, but substantive FDA actions at least in the public domain have been essentially non-existent in recent years. I’m hoping this will change, but I’ve been hoping that for a few years.

Another dangerous component to this situation is that clinics are successfully finding new ways to recruit customers. There are also hints of legit institutions and individuals getting more linked to the stem cell clinic world and pushing against FDA regulation. This continuing muddying of the stem cell waters is an unsettling change.

What the clinics are doing with stem cell shot in the dark procedures is human experimentation to make money, which is pretty sickening both to observe and literally for some patients.

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