Weekend reads: sperm, stem cells, chimeras, STAP, DNA Apps

human sperm and eggHere are some cool science reads to enjoy this weekend.

Lab-grown sperm made from stem cells can’t swim, but are able to fertilize eggs, reports Eric Boodman over at STAT.

Mouse-human neural crest chimeras: Not only a matter of black and white. Clever title.

Antonio Regalado writes about a DNA App Store coming soon to a smartphone near you.

Jacob Corn has a new piece at the Washington Post entitled, CRISPR will change lives, but not only through genetic engineering.

Obokata tallies retraction number three, RetractionWatch reports.

Stem cells A guide to cellular transdifferentiation. I love direct reprogramming. 

Alzheimer’s and the Inflamed Brain: Their Links Run Deeper than Thought comes from Todd Dubnicoff over at CIRM’s The Stem Cellar.

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