January 16, 2021

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Trump on Science: Poll & His Words

Trump ScienceHow would Donald Trump, if elected president, impact American science?

Would Trump on Science be a good thing, bad thing or somewhere in between? Would he “reject” the NIH budget? Might he even personally reject some grants, “Your R01 is fired” just for fun?

And, yes, I know I’m biased.

Take our poll.

Can we learn anything from what Trump has said about science in the past?

Reason gave a score of Trump on Science and not surprisingly they weren’t impressed. They based it in part based on some of Trump’s prolific tweeting that had touched on science. SImilarly, Mother Jones slammed Trump for his views on science including climate change, vaccines, autism, and Ebola.

I looked for conservative ranking of Trump on science, but found none. Does that alone say something?

I suspect that inside of Trump there is a side that could be very pro-biotech and that much of his words and tweets during the campaign have been spurred by what he thinks the GOP wants to hear. What would come through if he were President?

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