Mesoblast stock on hold: Poll if you expect good or bad news

Adult stem cell biotech Mesoblast ($MESO) is in the unusual situation currently of having its stock on hold. This is a relatively rare event and usually portends some kind of major news. The hold is expected to run from June 1 to June 10.Mesoblast_Ltd

Mesoblast will announce ““material corporate developments with respect to certain assets of the company”.

This could involve good or bad news related to one of several partnerships or some other development. In late 2015 Mesoblast had upbeat news of a first stem cell drug approval in Japan under that country’s new more permissive regenerative medicine oversight rules.

Do you expect this current stock hold signals good or bad news for Mesoblast? Take our poll.

Disclosure: I have no investment in this or any other stem cell stock currently.