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What is immune rejuvenation? How would that work and what would be the benefits?

As we age, our immune systems can change in unhelpful and unhealthy ways. One such change is a drift in the balance of production of different kinds of immune cells. Such a shift can lead to too many of some immune cells and too few of others. This in turn may lead to undesired physiological outcomes such as inflammation and potentially weaker immune responses.

Irv Weissman, immune rejuvenation
Irv Weissman led a team with a new exciting paper on immune rejuvenation.

Aging immune systems can also undergo clonal expansion or selection where progeny of a single stem or precursor cell become overrepresented. In some cases this phenomenon may be a precursor to blood cancer development.

A similar process can happen in aging skin where surprisingly large areas of skin are clonal or near-clonal.

Immune rejuvenation may restore balance and a more youthful, healthy state to immune systems. Many stem cell supplements are sold including some that claim to achieve such rejuvenation. I don’t believe that any particular supplement is likely to work here. However, other more intense procedures might do it.

Let’s start there with the weekly review.

Immune rejuvenation & other reads

Stem cell patches

Pre-clinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte patch, Stem Cell Res & Ther. I’ve written before about various kinds of stem cell patches including some very different ones from those used to fix damaged tissues directly.

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