Q&A video with Paul Episode 1: your stem cell questions answered

Where is the stem cell field now and where the heck is it heading? There are hundreds of questions.

Readers often email me questions or leave them as comments. It’s not unusual to get questions about CRISPR as well.

As time permits, I’m hoping once or twice a month on Sundays to post a video answering some reader questions. Here’s today’s February 26th edition, focused on stem cells.

6 thoughts on “Q&A video with Paul Episode 1: your stem cell questions answered”

  1. So are you saying that stem cells extracted from bone marrow and used for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis is not a valid treatment?

  2. Hi Doc,
    I was wondering if you had heard anything about Robert Lanza and his AMD trial and if they are going to pursue what looked to me like an amazing treatment or are they going to bury it and his genius for anything that looks like a cure.The clinical trial data and improvement of some patients who were very blind was a first I think and now we have nada after he and his patents now belong to a Japanese company.
    Maybe someone should mention this to the new President.What’s a few jobs compared to a cure for blindness and who knows what else.
    Talk about a bad deal for the U.S. and Ocata stockholders!!!!

  3. Dr Knoeffler
    Would you please provide your audience with your CV and background in stem cells, and a list of your papers? You are obviously very experienced in the field, and I believe many of us would like to know more about you and your background. Keep up the good work.

  4. Very non-scientific, but…I very much liked finally “seeing” youand hearing your voice. You are so very different-at least to me-from what your photo projects. Please do more of these. (And if you’re using an IPad, could you maybe flip it horizontally for your recording?)

  5. Hi Paul, liked the video. What do you think about the quality of the scientific evidence and clinical data that support the Athersys stroke trial in Japan. Mind you, I’m not asking about the stock itself, just the science. I’ve put in a monumental effort, just for you, to put all the relevant data and information in one place to make your job easier: http://seekingalpha.com/article/4005856-systems-go-athersys-pivotal-stem-cell-stroke-trial-japan-exploring-scientific-evidence. 😉


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