Find $250 Easter egg in GMO Sapiens #CRISPR book: here’s a hint

egg crackingWant $250 as well as at least a sliver of science-related glory?

Within my book GMO Sapiens on CRISPR and human genetic modification, I’ve hidden a scientific Easter egg.

There’s more Easter egg info over here including the rules.

If you are the first one to find and properly explain this egg to me after buying the book, you win $250. I had originally limited it to the print edition, but e-version purchase is fine too.

So far no one has gotten the hidden egg right.

To give people a better chance, I’m giving a hint. The clue is: crack the Easter egg code.

Good luck.

This is largely a repost of last year’s Easter piece.

5 thoughts on “Find $250 Easter egg in GMO Sapiens #CRISPR book: here’s a hint”

  1. If you can’t talk about clinics because it is construed as advertisement then why do the readers have to put up with your self promotion?

    1. @Helen,
      Clinics often are administering risky, unproven, and non-FDA approved medical procedures on a for-profit basis.
      I just wrote about an educational book I wrote on this blog that I run that no one is obligated to read, although I hope people generally find it valuable.
      Very different kinds of situations.

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