Cool Cat iPS cells & other notable stem cell pubs/news

Once or twice a month I do a post on notable stem cell publications and news, which often but not always include research on iPS cells. It’s sort of a recommended reads kind of post, but I often include one or two things that aren’t necessarily recommended exactly yet seem kind of surprising or novel in some ways.

Here’s today’s list.

One bit of news first

On the RMAT front: “FDA Grants RMAT Designation for CAR T-Cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma.”  You can see the full list of 37 approved RMATs in the public domain here.

Gur-Cohen, et al. Science, Figure 2b
Gur-Cohen, et al. Science, Figure 2b.

Now some pubs and one notable tweet.

A research team has successfully produced iPS cells from domestic cats. They discuss the potential applications. Here’s the actual research article.

Very impressive work from the Fuchs lab in Science led by Shiri Gur-Cohen on “demonstrating how stem cells reshape their lymphatic niche to coordinate tissue regeneration.” You can see one of the striking images from Fig. 2 of their paper included here showing precocious entry into the anagen hair growth phase.

Shiri’s name might ring a bell as she won The Niche’s recent stem cell microscopy pic contest.

It’s mouse and not human work, but more hope for lung disease regenerative medicine, “Stem cell transplants used to grow fully functional lungs in mice”.

Here’s a report on the slowness of neural stem cell transplantation research from bench to bedside: Neural Stem Cell Transplantation Crawls Toward the Clinic.

And, below is a tweet from the wonderful Hans Clevers with a cool animation on important gut stem cell research.

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