Recommended regenerative medicine reads plus COVID-19 stem cell hype

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic there are still some research things we can do including data analysis as well as reading new papers and media articles on science, including regenerative medicine. If the weather’s good and you have wi-fi (or you print articles still on paper) you can even do this out in the fresh air and sunshine, if the weather cooperates.

Here are some recommended recent science and regenerative medicine reads. At the end I add what might be the worst case of science hype I’ve seen in 2020 so far at the intersection of stem cells and COVID-19.

First some COVID-19, novel coronavirus resources:

Universal Cells

And now some science pubs and media articles.

Mondo Hype. And finally, some really mind boggling hype from the Daily Mail about supposed miraculous treatment of COVID-19 patients with stem cells. We’ll see how the rest of the year goes, but this might win the prize as the worst science-medicine hype of 2020. Phrases at the top in bold print said this, “Chinese doctor claims he made a breakthrough in coronavirus pandemic with stem cell injections – having 100% success rate after treating nine mostly elderly patients.”  I’ve written before about the hype of stem cells for COVID-19, but also some possible biotech therapeutic products that could be reasonably tested.

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