Weekly The Niche Reads: tooth repair, PRC2, beach pics

I managed to escape to do some hiking along the coast so I’m behind on my weekly reading and I’m just getting back here on The Niche. Here are some articles I’m hoping to catch up on in coming days including an interesting overview of stem cells for tooth repair.

I sometimes have a wistful feeling that I would have enjoyed doing field research as a biologist. Instead, I spend most of my time in the lab. However, I find myself taking a lot of nature photos and sometimes thinking about them as a scientist.

I’ve included a few nature photos in this post from my recent hiking down by Monterey. Note the captions for information on the animals. Then scroll down for the recommended reading on stem cells this week.

brandts cormorant jumping
A male Brandt’s Cormorant jumping. The males out on the rocks at Point Lobos were really trying to impress the females. They were putting on quite a show jumping and preening. Paul Knoepfler.
pileated cormorant
Pelagic cormorants were around Point Lobos too, including some like this one working on nests. The light was just right on this bird to highlight its many colors. Paul Knoepfler.
sea lions
A colony of sea lions resting and derping around on the rocks at Point Lobos. We also saw many harbor seals so I had to look up again what’s the difference. Sea lions are more mobile with flippers that are almost like feet and they have obvious ears sticking out. Paul Knoepfler. I’m guessing these guys sometimes lose teeth so of course I had to wonder how many sets of teeth do they have. I didn’t really find a clear answer on the web. Two sets like people? Or is tooth replacement an ongoing process for them like sharks?

Recommended research papers

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  1. I do not think seals/sea lions have a shark-like tooth replacement system, due to the fact that as a diver at marine world 15 years, i saw lots of shark teeth, but do not recollect even one sea lion tooth on a tank floor.

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