Weekly reads: Google, stem cells & MS, VSELs, ‘hairy’ organoids, MYC

It’s been quite a ride doing this blog on stem cells and other technologies for more than a dozen years.

So far it seems like I’ll keep it going. A large part of the reason is because of people needing good information about our field. Those people include scientists and physicians but also many in the general public. Some of those are patients looking for a way to navigate this jungle.

stem cells differentiating into neurons and glia
Neural stem cells differentiating into neurons (red) and glia (green). Knoepfler lab. DAPI stained nuclei.

Stem cells, Google, and clinics

Most people, whether patients, doctors or scientists or someone else, turn to Google. As I recently wrote about the stem cell clinic DVC Stem, it’s not always clear to me why certain websites do so well with Google search. There’s a lot to dig through here.

Check out my new piece at STAT News on the problem of stem cell clinics using Google search to bring in customers and the broader issue it points to with unproven therapy promotion on the search engine.

It was encouraging to see within hours that Danny Sullivan of Google said they were going to look into this on Twitter (below).

Ultimately, what will matter is whether Google makes concrete changes so that profit-focused clinics aren’t portrayed as the authorities.

Recommended stem cell reads

“Most of these papers included reused images, presented as new experiments without proper citation, while some others appeared to show overlapping photos or duplicated elements within the same photo. You can read my 2020 blog post here.”

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