Hub of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Meetings 2022

Science must go on and so must stem cell meetings in 2022 with all those great conferences out there, but hopefully this year will be better than 2020-2021. It seems that way with the pandemic easing in the U.S. and many other places. On the other hand, COVID is spiking in Asia and other regions. It’s complicated.

Every year I put up a continually-updated list of stem cell meetings and conferences.

This year hopefully there will be more talking over lunch. Coffee in the hall. Chatting in the aisles between talks. Drinks and snacks at the reception or eating together at a place down the street from the meeting.

stem cell meetings 2022

Stem cell conferences list considerations

If you don’t see your meeting here please contact me and I’ll probably happily add it. I don’t charge anything for having meetings listed here.

Also, this list of meetings here is not an endorsement.

Rather I try to take a big tent approach and include all I can find unless something is clearly a predatory type of meeting.

I also try to avoid listing meetings that are promotional events for unproven stem cell clinics or suppliers.

Stem cell meetings 2022

What is included in the list?

Where possible, I have tried to include information on whether the meeting will be held virtually, in-person, or be a hybrid. Quite a few listings still don’t quite clarify that, however.

I’m starting the list with April because I’ve just been too busy with grants in 2022 so far to get this list up earlier.











2023 Stem Cells and Cancer, GRC May 14-19, 2023, Luca (Barga), Italy.

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