July 6, 2020

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This post is a tribute to the late Dr. Yoshiki Sasai (笹井芳樹). If you would like your name added to this tribute please let me know. You are also welcome to add your own tributes in the comments. In an era when the emerging field of regenerative medicine is just beginning to take wing, we learn of a tragic loss of a friend and colleague Yoshiki Sasai. Dr. Sasai was widely esteemed by those who knew him as an outstanding developmental biologist. His death is …Read More

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Dr. Yoshiki Sasai (笹井芳樹) former Deputy Director of the RIKEN CDB and a senior author on the STAP papers, has reportedly died from suicide. Update: The Japan Times writes on this situation that Sasai was found hanging at RIKEN and there may have been a suicide note. Dr. Sasai was a top scholar in the stem cell field. He published dozens of high-impact publications and was widely respected. You can see some thoughts on the loss of Yoshiki Sasai from Scientific American here by Janet D. …Read More

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Today has been a dark day of mourning for science following the death by suicide of Dr. Yoshiki Sasai. I did not know Dr. Sasai personally, but was very impressed with his work. His suicide leaves me feeling very sad and it seems like an appropriate time for reflection. (update I did a post on suicides by scientists more generally: Scientists and suicide) It’s not clear why he took his own life, but it is reasonable to surmise that aspects of the STAP cell mess had a prominent …Read More

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Once upon a time this blog and major outlets around the world were regularly writing about a Japanese stem cell researcher named Haruko Obokata (小保方 晴子). Whatever happened to Obokata and the other folks directly involved in STAP cell research? First, a bit of background because maybe still a few people never heard of STAP cells and Obokata or forgot the key points behind the controversy. Haruko Obokata became well known because of her research claiming to make pluripotent stem cells like IPS cells without …Read More