Recommended reads: flesh-faced robots, ALS, Spina Bifida,neuronal CRISPR

Combinations of human flesh and robots are more in the news lately. Sometimes the fleshy parts are grown from stem cells in a lab.

fleshy robots
What do you think of fleshy-faced robots?

Robots with fleshy faces

Scientists in Japan Give Robots a Fleshy Face and a Smile, NYT. I’m working on a piece about robots in China with small, human brain-like structures. Stay tuned for that. Now we have another kind of robot with a fleshy, creepy kind of “smile.” What’s next?

More recommended reads

And now for something completely different but cool

The forgotten priest who predicted black holes – in 1783, BBC. This is an intriguing piece. The understanding of the universe centuries ago was surprisingly precise and creative.

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