October 29, 2020

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One of the more controversial areas in the stem cell field has been over a Sasquatch like stem cell type that only a handful of researchers have been able to find and study: very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs). A Sasquatch is a generally thought to be mythological creature from the Pacific Northwest area of the US where I grew up, also sometimes called Big Foot. Some folks believe in the Sasquatch. Some people believe in VSELs too.  I’m more interested in what you think …Read More

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What’s the real story on adult stem cells? Do they really have little to no risk? As a self-proclaimed fan of stem cells, including adult stem cells, I often find myself writing and talking about them to a large, diverse audience. I’ve become a stem cell ambassador of sorts. However, I am also a realist and a scientist who has studied cancer cells as well as the molecular basis of tumorigenesis for about half of my life. As such, I find myself increasingly fighting …Read More

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A month ago I did a very widely read piece on cosmetic applications of stem cell technologies in the U.S. called “from boobs to baldness”. Many cosmetics websites asked for permission to run the piece and it was re-run in a number of languages around the world as well. It is clear there is big interest in stem cell cosmetics. There is big money to made. I would venture to say it is in the billions with a “b”. In just a month even …Read More

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What with the Mississippi “personhood” amendment up for a vote today and also the Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference beginning tomorrow, I thought today was a good time for a post about adult versus embryonic stem cells. Does stem cell research have to be either/or? Adult or stem? Can’t someone be for both adult and embryonic stem cell research? Can a scientist study both? In fact, most scientists are working on both adult and embryonic stem cells, which are both very cool. So if …Read More