November 27, 2020

The Niche

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog


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Flying out of Portland Airport yesterday, I saw these magazines side by side: Trump and genetic modification of humans. Hmmm. That’s a humorous juxtaposition and the two covers are oddly similar in design. It go me thinking… Could using germline human genetic modification be a wise thing to do in some cases? After all, humanity in many ways has serious flaws. Could we try to make Homo sapiens a better species via, for instance, CRISPR’ing embryos for “better” traits and removing possibly negative traits? …Read More

4 min read

What’s on your mind on this Monday morning and are you caffeinated enough yet? Depending on where you live it may even be time for dinner, bed, or already early Tuesday. Here are some Monday musings… To get safe and effective stem cell treatments to patients in a responsible, compliant manner you need commercial efforts and that in almost all cases means biotechs. Doing this blog for 5+ years has made it really sink in just how crucial the commercial side is to all …Read More

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The day after Easter and thoughts might turn to all those chocolate bunnies, eggs, etc…..leading to a question. Could a person die from chocolate? What is the amount of chocolate your or I would have to eat in order to die? Could we even get close on a holiday like Halloween or Easter? It seems like many people eat a lot of chocolate (pic from DailyMail of largest chocolate bar). Of course we all know that certain animals like dogs and cats are much more …Read More